Tuesday, March 15, 2011


                                         Nest Cleaning Products

S1-Meiyan Nest Mould Single Bottom SSS
10 per pack
Size:H50mm x L78mm x W60mm

S2-Meiyan Nest Mould SSS Paired
5 pairs per pack

S2A-Meiyan Nest Mould Single Bottom LLL
10 per pack
Size: H45mm x L90mm x W60mm

S2B-Meiyan Nest Mould LLL Paired
5 pairs per pack

S2C-Meiyan Nest Mould SSS Milk White Paired
5 pairs per pack

S2D-Meiyan Nest Mould SSS Milk White Bottom
10 per pack
Size:H50mm x L78mm x W60mm

S2E-Meiyan Nest Mould HARD Single 3A
10 per pack
H40mm x L85mm x W60mm
S2G1-Meiyan Nest Mould SOFT Single 3A
10 per pack
H40mm x L85mm x W60mm

S2F-Meiyan Nest Mould HARD WHITE Single 5A
10 per pack
H42mm x L87mm x W62mm
S2G2-Meiyan Nest Mould SOFT CLEAR Single 5A
10 per pack
H42mm x L87mm x W62mm

S2G-Meiyan Nest Mould HARD Paired 3A and 5A
5 pairs per pack
S2G3-Meiyan Nest Mould SOFT CLEAR Paired 3A and 5A
5 pairs per pack

S2H-JY Nest Mould Single 10's
Size: H50mmx L90mm x W60mm

S2J-JY Nest Mould Paired 5's
Size: H54mm x L86mm x W64mm

S2K-JY Nest Biscuit Mould 2 pc set
Size: W145mm x L290mm

S2L-Meiyan Stainless Steel Rectangle 6 boxes
L290mm x H13mm x W140mm

S4-Meiyan Nest Mould Soft Paired LLL
10 pairs per pack

S4AA-Meiyan Nest Mould Soft Bottom LLL
20 per pack
Size:H40mm x L90mm x W60mm

S3-Meiyan Nest Mould Leaf Shaped Stainless Steel 10's
Size:L85mm x H13mm x W60mm
S3E-Meiyan Nest Mould Leaf Shaped Stainless Steel 10's
Size:L85mm x H15mm x W60mm

S3B-Meiyan Nest Mould Heart Shaped Stainless Steel
10 per pack
Size:H65mm x L75mm x W13mm

S3C-Meiyan Nest Mould Square Shaped Stainless Steel 10's
Size:H65mm x L65mm x W13mm
S3F-Meiyan Nest Mould Square Shaped Stainless Steel 10's
Size:H65mm x L65mm x W15mm

S4D-Meiyan Nest Mould Stainless Steel with Detachable Legs
10's Per pack

S5A-Meiyan Nest Mould Stainless Steel Thin Net 5's
Size:H35mm x L95mm x W75mm

S5AC-Meiyan Stainless Steel Net Tray
Size:W12.5" x 18"

S5D-Meiyan Stainless Steel Clip Small
10 per pack

S5G-Meiyan Chrome Duck Clip
12 per pack

S5I-Meiyan Plastic Clip
12 per pack

S5L-D121 Bird Nest Organic Cleaning Solution 1 Liter
S5M-D121 Bird Nest Organic Cleaning Solution 5 Liter

S6B-Meiyan Mini Nest Dryer 2 fans
Size:H8" x L10.5" x W10.5"

S6C-Meiyan Mini Nest Dryer 4 fans
Size:H8" x L17" x W14"

S7A-Meiyan Nest Grader in Alphabet
S7B-Meiyan Nest Grader in Milimetres

P17-Moisture Meter

S8-Mini Digital Scale SF400
Maximum 5000g/1g

S8B-Balance Scale
Maximum 30kg/1g

S9-Pro'sKit Mini Grinder

S10-Pro'sKit Mini Grinder Accessory Set

S10A-Mini Grinder Heavy Duty Tips
2 units per pack

S13A-SE Magnifier with Lamp 5X

S13B-Best Magnifier with LED Lamp

S14-Walbk Black Tweezer Straight 11ESD
S14B-Walbk Tweezer Premium Quality SS-SA

S25A-Vetus Tweezer Straight SS-SA
S25B-Vetus Tweezer Curved 7-SA

S25C-Vetus Black Tweezer Straight ESD-11
S25D-Vetus Black Tweezer Curved ESD-15
S25E-Vetus Black Tweezer Wide ESD-12

S15-Pro'sKit Tweezer 1PK-105T
S16-Pro'sKit Tweezer 1PK-104T
S17-Pro'sKit Tweezer 1PK-110T

S18-Pro'sKit Tweezer 1PK-102T
S19-Pro'sKit Tweezer 1PK-125T

S19A-Pro'sKit Tweezer TZ-212N
S19B-Pro'sKit Tweezer TZ-204N
S19C-Pro'sKit Tweezer TZ205N


Nest Packing

S33B-Nest Box Square Hi Top XS for 1 pc
Size: L8cm x W8cm x H5cm
S34-Nest Box Square Hi Top Small for 3pcs
Size:L10cm x W10cm x H5.5cm
S35-Nest Box Square Hi Top Medium for 35g
Size:L13cm x W12cm x H6.5cm

S36A-Nest Box Octagon Small D16.2cm for 100g

S44-Nest Box Round Smal D11.5cm for 3 pcs Nests
S45-Nest Box Round Medium D14cm for 50g
S46-Nest Box Round Large D19.5cm for 200g
S46A-Nest Box Round XL D25cm for 500g

S46B-Nest Box Rectangle Small without Cloth for 35g
Size:L18cm x W12cm x H3.5cm
S47A-Nest Box Rectangle Medium without Cloth for 100g
Size:L21cm x W14.5cm x H5cm

S48A-Rectangle Box Small Plain 18.2 x 11.9 x 3.7cm
S48B-Rectangle Box Medium Plain 21.5 x 15 x 4.1cm
S48C-Rectangle Box Large Plain 24 x 17 x 5cm

S48D-Wooden Box for 100g

S48E-Wooden Box for 250g

S38-Transparent Nest Box for 500g Raw Nests-10 set pack
Size:W8" x L12" x H4"
S38C-Transparent Nest Box for 500g Cleaned Nests-10 set pack
Size:W7" x L10" x H2.5"
S38D-Transparent Nest Box for 500g Cleaned Nests-10 set pack
Size:W16cm x L17.5cm x H7.5cm

S39-Hard Round Box-5 per pack
Size:H10cm x D23.5cm

S39A-Hard Square Box-5 per pack
Size:H10cm x W20cm x L20cm

S40-Sticker for Glass Bottle and Transparent Box 50's
Size: 4cm x 5cm - 50's

S49-Bubble Wrapper 1 meter
S49A-Bubble Wrapper per roll 100 meter

S49C-Sponge for Nest Box - 2 meter x 1 meter

S51-Paper Bag Yellow Medium
Size:H35cm x W30cm
S52-Paper Bag Yellow Large
Size:H40cm x W34cm

S53-Paper Bag Black Small
Size:H30cm x W25cm
S54-Paper Bag Black Medium
Size:H36cm x W30cm

S55-Paper Bag Gold Small
Size:H30cm x W25cm
S56-Paper Bag Gold Medium
Size:H36cm x W30cm

S57-Paper Bag Red Small 30cm x 25cm
S58-Paper Bag Medium 30cm x 36cm

Nest Harvest Tools

S26-Tally Counter 0-9999

S28-Meiyan Nest Check Top

S29-Meiyan Nest Check with Pole and Torch

S29C-Meiyan Harvest Tool with Big Net Machete
S29B-Meiyan Harvest Tool with Big Net Spear

S30B-Meiyan Harvest Tool with Mirror Spear

S30C-Meiyan Harvest Tool with Mirror Machete

S30D-Meiyan Harvest Tool Knife L22cm

S31A-Meiyan Harvest Tool Machete
S31-Meiyan Harvest Tool Spear

S31B-Well Force Harvest Tool Thick W3cm
S31C-Well Force Harvest Tool Bent W5cm
Stainless steel Made in Taiwan

S32-Faris Harvest Tool W38mm

S32A-Anza Harvest Tool Machete W5cm
S33-Anza Harvest Tool Flat W5cm

S33A-Aluminium Long Reach Pole 2 meter

E6-Fujibin Head Lamp Rechargeable Yellow 15w
E7-Fujibin Head Lamp Rechargeable White 15w
E8-Fujibin Head Lamp Rechargeable Yellow 3w
E9-Fujibin Head Lamp Rechargeable White 3w

E20-Meiyan Rechargeable Headlamp 3w - White
E22-Meiyan Rechargeable Headlamp 3w - Yellow

E21-Meiyan Rechargeable Headlamp 5w - White
E23-Meiyan Rechargeable Headlamp 5w - Yellow


 Humidity and Temperature Controller

M1-Nest Amp Humidity Controller

M5A-TNK Temperature or Humidity Controller

M8-BGB Temperature Controller

M10-Meiyan 15 Nozzles Pump Set
Items Included:
  1. 1 small pump with filter
  2. 1 roll 100m 3/8" blue pipe
  3. 15 brass nozzles (size 2 or 3)
  4. 15 nozzles connectors
  5. 1 'T' connector
  6. 2 End connectors
  7. 1 PP filter 5's
  8. 2 10mm cable clips 50's
  9. 1 plumbing tape
  10. 1 water supply connector

M11-Meiyan 25 Nozzles Pump Set
Items included:
  1. 1 big pump with filter
  2. 1 roll 150m 3/8" blue pipe
  3. 25 brass nozzles (size 2 or 3)
  4. 25 nozzle connectors
  5. 2 'T' connectors
  6. 3 End connectors
  7. 1 PP filter 5's
  8. 3 box 10mm cable clips 50's
  9. 1 plumbing tape
  10. 1 water supply connector

M13C-High Pressure Pump 1000psi for 60 Nozzles

M17-Solenoid Valve 1/2"

M17A-Hose End Irrigation Controller

M20-Plastic End Connector with Nozzle Holder 3/8"
M21-Plastic Middle Connector with Nozzle Holder 3/8"
M22-Plastic 'T' Connector 3/8"
M23-Plastic Middle Connector 3/8"
M23A-Plastic 'L' Connector 3/8"

M23B-Brass End Connector
M23C-Brass Middle Connector + Nozzle Hole
M23D-Brass 'T' Connector
M23E-Brass Middle Connector
M23F-Brass 'L' Connector

M24B-Copper Nozzle 0.15mm with Filter

M24A-Brass Nozzle 0.15mm
M25-Brass Nozzle 0.2 mm
M26-Brass Nozzle 0.3 mm

M28-Dema Double O Ring House Filter

From left to right
M29-Plated Washable Filter
M30-Carbon Filter - Remove Odour
M31-PP Filter 5 Micron - 5's
M31A-PP Filter 1 Micron

M32A-Blue Pressure Pipe 3/8" - 50 meter
M33-Blue Pressure Pipe 3/8" - 100 meter
M34-Blue Pressure Pipe 3/8" - 150 meter

M35-PE Black High Pressure Pipe 3/8" for 1000psi

N1-Nestpro Taiwan Humidifier HM6000

N2-Nest Amp Taiwan Humidifier NM5500

N5-Taiwan Humidifier Skirt

N6A-Subhose for Nestpro Humidifier HM6000

N7D-Plastic Blade Fan for Taiwan Humidifier
Suitable for all types of Taiwan Humidifier

N7E-Replacement Blade for Taiwan Humidifier
Nestpro HM5000 / Tayring TL3600

N7-Subhose for Taiwan Humidifier

N8-Float for DIY Ultrasonic Humidifier

N8A-Float Stainless Steel Handle for Taiwan Humidifier

N9A-Float to Control Water Level Small

N9B-Float for Ultrasonic Humidifier TM300

N10-Plastic Tray for Taiwan Humidifier

N10B-Plastic Tray For Taiwan Humidifier HM6000

N13-Ultrasonic Humidifier 12 Stainless Steel Ceramics TM300

N15A-Mist Maker 12 Stainless Steel Ceramics Set

N15C-Black Round Float for 12 Ceramics Mist Maker

N18-Mist Maker Maintenance Kit 9's

Measuring Gauge

P1-Mini Infrared Thermometer

P2-Laser Infrared Thermometer Gun

P3-Lascar Data Logger EL-USB-2
Most accurate way to monitor ups and downs of BH humidity and temperature.

P8-TFA German Analog Hygrometer
P8A-TFA German Digital Hygrometer

P10-Hygrometer with Max/Min Record HTC-1

P14A-Mini Thermometer

P20-E-Sun Multimeter 5 in 1

P21-Distance Meter

P22-Sound Level Meter

P23-Lux Meter

P24-Pro'sKit Analog Multimeter MT-2017

P25-Digital Multimeter CT313

P26-Digital Clamp Meter VC3266


Q1-Ventilation Fan 8"

Q1A-Ventilation Fan 8" with 10ft Flexible Hose

Q3-Nest Amp Air Blower

Q4-Meiyan Ventilation Fan with Casing VF100
Fits into 4" PVC pipe connector.Easy to install.

Q4A-Meiyan Ventilation Hole Blocker 4"
Thick plastic for long lasting use.Fit in 4" PVC pipe firmly.

Q5-Meiyan Ventilation Hole Cover 4"

Q7-Aluminium Flexible Hose 4" - 10 meter

Q8-Ultimax Cooling Fan AC 4"

Q9-Ultimax Cooling Fan DC 4"


 Swiftlet Attracting Products 

R1-Meiyan Soft Fake Nest 10's

R7-Meiyan Soft Fake Nest Cup 10's

R7A-Meiyan Hard Fake Nest Cup 10's

R8-Corner Wood 90dg Back 5 lines - 5.8"
R8B-Corner Wood 90dg Back Dark Meranti 5 lines- 5.8"

R13A-Stainless Steel Mesh Corner Cover 14cm x 14cm
Install with screws at corner of nesting planks.Can overlap on wood corner cover.Cleaner nests.

R13B-Stainless steel Net Corner with Binding 14cm x 13cm

R14-Meiyan Aluminium for Installing Planks 'L' 60's

R15-Nesting Plait Flat 10's
Size:W13cm x L100cm

R16-Nesting Plait Box 10's
Size:W25cm x L25cm x H10cm
To attracts young swiftlets to nest.Suitable for new and stagnant BH.Plaits sprayed with aroma.

R17-Corner Plastic Chain 6"- 10's

T2-Food Grade Ammonia Powder 25kg

T4-Meiyan Food Grade Ammonia Liquid 4.5 liter

T7A-Swiftlet Booster 4.5 liter
Increase birds population.Suitable for stagnant BH.

T7C-Black Potion Swiftlet Hormone 4.5 liter

T7D-Black Potion Hormone Hand Spray Tip 250ml
T7F-Black Potion Hormone Dispenser Tip 250ml

T8-G1L4 Aroma Liquid

T9-G3LO Plank Spray for Dispenser Tip
T9A-G3LO Plank Hand Spray Tip

T10-Automatic Dispenser

T11-H3N1 Plank Hand Spray Tip
T12-H3N1 Plank Spray Dispenser Tip

T12A-Super Hormone Cannister

T13B-Cairan Fondasi Burung Walet with Stamp

T14-PW Super Wall Aroma 5 liter
T15-PW Cair Wall Aroma 5 liter

T19A-Claber Dripper Italy for Aroma

T26-Meiyan M18 Effective Microorganisms 1 liter
 T25-Meiyan M18 Effective Microorganisms 4 liter

T25A-Meiyan M18 Effective Microorganisms 10 liter

T27-Tanali Swiftlet Vinegar 1 liter
T28-Tanali Swiftlet Vinegar 5 liter

T31-Meiyan Insect Attracting Powder DP-501- 1.5kg
T30-Meiyan Insect Attracting Powder DP-501-5kg

T35-Homsuit Plastic Pressure Sprayer 5 liter
T36-Homsuit Plastic Pressure Sprayer 8 liter

T37-Anchor S/steel Pressure Sprayer 9 liter

T38-Anchor S/steel Pressure Sprayer 13.5 liter

T39A-Face Mask 50's

T39B-Face Mask 3M N95 8210 - 20's

T39C-Half Face Piece Respirator(Set 1) 3200/3311K-55

T39D-Organic Vapor Replacement Cartridge for Set 1

T39E-3M Half Face Piece Respirator (Set 2)7702-K/7701-K10

T39F-3M Pre Filter Replacement Pad for Set 2 - 7711

T39G-Nitrile Glove Medium and Large

T39H-3M Safety Googles

 Pest Control

U2-AC to DC Converter 230V to 110V

U2A-Scout Expulsion Transformer 150Vac

U3-Black Transformer

U3A-Yan Shock Electric Bird Zapper

U3B-XSTOP Electric Fence Energizer 230AC-EL90
0.5 Joules-10km

U3C-XSTOP Electric Fence Energizer 12DC-BA80
0.6 Joules-10km

U4-Aluminium Wire 1.0mm - per meter

U5-Stainless Steel Wire 1.6mm - per meter

U5A-Stainless Steel Cable 2.0mm-per meter
U5B-Stainless Steel Cable 2.0mm -304 meter per roll

U6A-30 Amp PVC Cable Connector

U7-Meiyan Iron Bird Spike 2 ft

U8A-Meiyan Stainless Steel Bird Trap

U8B-Bird Trap with Net

U10-Plastic Pigeon Spike 2 ft

U10A-Plastic Lizard Spike 11.5" x 5.5"
Install around entrance hole

U12-Meiyan Blinking Light Set

U12A-Auto Sensor LED Lamp CT190

U13-Nest Amp Auto Pest Repeller

U17-Raster Super LED Light Bulb 240v-3 watt
U18-Raster Super LED Light Bulb 240v-5 watt
U19-LED Light Bulb 12v DC-5 watt

U20A-Fendona SC - 1 liter
U21-Fendona SC - 4 liter

U22A-Stedfast Termiticide - 1 liter
U23-Stedfast Termiticide - 4 liter

U23A-Tenopa SC 1 liter

U24-Meiyan Fungus Killer 1 liter
                          U25-Swiftpro Fungus Killer 4 liter

U27-Lizard Bait 30ml

U27A-Meiyan Lizard Repellent 1 liter

U28-Green Leaf Cockroach Bait Sachets 50's

U30-Mayijing Ant Bait 30 sachets

U31-Rat Bait Sachets 10's



B2-Mini Piro Location Tester with S0S sound

B5-Meiyan Mobile Location Tester with SOS sound
2 x HP2000 Horn Tweeter

B5A-Tecnik Amplifier MX6D AC/DC 2ch
Capacity:60 Piezo tweeters

B6B-Nestpro Amplifier MXBS12 2CH AC/DC
Capacity:200 Piezo tweeter

B6C-Nestpro Amplifier MXBS15 4ch
Capacity:300 tweeters

B8A-Nestpro Amplifier MXBS20 4ch
Capacity:400 Piezo tweeters
B12-Nest Amp A4 2ch -AC/DC
Capacity : 200 piezo tweeters

B13-Nest Amp A6 4ch
Capacity : 400 piezo tweeters

B26-Fujibin Power Amplifier 32w
Blasts up to 200 piezo tweeters.

B27-Fujibin Power Amplifier 60w
Blasts up to 300 piezo tweeters

B28-Fujibin Power Amplifier 120w
Blasts up to 400 piezo tweeters

B36-Nikkodo Amplifier NK5201-4ch
Suitable for internal use.Blasts 500 tweeters

B37-Nikkodo Amplifier NK9200M
2 in 1 powerful amplifier.Blasts 1000 tweeters.Plays 2 sounds.Timer is optional.

B8C-Piro WAV Player MRT Series
B9-Piro WAV Player MN Series

B9A-Piro Player MW-88
Plays 2 sounds 4 channels 800 Tweeters. WAV and MP3

C1-Sound Trol

C6A-Scandisk SD Card 16gb
C8-Scandisk USB Flash Drive 8gb

C9-Nest Amp Sound Detector


D1-Hager Timer EH711

D2-Hager Timer Single Power Point 1 Way

D2A-Hager Timer 3 Sockets 1 Way

D3-Hager Timer 4 Power Point 2 Ways
Alternate power supply top and bottom power points.To alternate amplifiers.

D3A-Hager Timer Sound Cut Off Set
Use to cut off entrance hole external sound at night but leave the same sound running in nesting room.

D4-The Ben Timer

D6-DC TIMER 12DC - TM318
Suitable for those using solar power.

D6A-Hager Timer DC 12V

D6B-Hager Timer DC 12V
1 way 2 power points.Ready to use.

D7-Sum Digital Timer

D7A-TIMESYS Digital Timer
Quality digital timer with back up battery.

D8A-Nest Amp Timing Control Power Supply ND600

Power Supply Back Up

D9-Hager Auto Power Recovery Single Phase
When there is a trip normally by strong lightning, this device will automatically push back the lever in 3 minutes.

D10-Inverex 750 Power Back Up 12v
D10A-Inverex 1000 Power Back Up 12v

D11B-TNK Power Inverter 500W - 12dc to 230ac

D11C-TNK Power Inverter 1000W - 12dc -230ac

D13-Callab Lightning Isolator 3A

D15-Automatic Voltage Regulator

D16B-Phocos Solar Charger Controller

D16D-Solar Panel Multi-crystalline 250w
Size:L167cm x W100cm x H4cm

D17D-Solar Wire 6.0mm per meter


J2-Nestamp Pink Wire 100% copper Tinted 30 x 0.18 x 100 meter
J3-Nestamp Blue Wire 100% copper Tinted 30 x 0.18 x 100 meter

J4-Yogawa Grey Wire 100% copper Tinted 23 x 0.14 x 100 meter

J4A-Fajar Speaker Wire Green Tinned 100% copper 30x0.18x100m

J5-Fajar Speaker Wire Pink 100% copper 30x0.18x100m

J5B-Fajar Speaker Wire 100% Copper 42 x 0.15 x 100m

J8-ZEB 3 core Wire 1.0mm x 32 x 0.20 x 90 meter
J9-Arrow Cable Black 450/750v 2.5mm x 100 meter
J10-Arrow Cable Red 450/750v 2.5mm x 100 meter

Tweeter Connectors

K1-Solderless Terminal Blue 100's
K4-Solderless Terminal Red 100's
K6A-Solderless Terminal Bare 100's

K3-Solderless Terminal Yellow 100's

K8-Wire Connector Small 100's
K10-Wire Connector Large 100's

K17-10 Amp PVC Connecctor 10's
K18-15 Amp PVC Connector 10's
K19-20 Amp PVC Connector 10's


L1-Apexon Cable Tacker AT519 4 in 1
                           L2-Apexon Cable Tacker AT762
For 30 x 0.18mm wire
L3-Apexon Cable Tacker AT761
For 23 x 0.14mm wire

L4-Apexon Staples 6210 for AT762-1000's
L5-Apexon Staples 6110 for AT761-1000's

L6-Pro'sKit Heavy Duty Tacker CP-392

L7-Pro'sKit Staples Flat CP392-3 500's
L8-Pro'sKit Staples Curve CP392-4 500's


Soldering and Tools

L14-Hakko Soldering Iron 28w

L15-Kotelyzer Cordless Soldering Iron

L18-Finex Solder Lead 1.2mm 250g

L18B-Solder Paste 50g

L19-Pro'sKit Soldering Iron Stand

L20-Pro'sKit Soldering Stand and Lead Holder

L21A-Capacitor 4.7uf 100v Black 100's

L21C-Nestpro Capacitor 4.7uf 100v-200's

L23-Pro'sKit Crimping Tool

L25-Pro'sKit Wire Cutter and Stripper

L31-TGK Soldering Pump


Swiftlet Sounds

  • LR1-ZB Suara Luar
  • LR2-J Suara Luar
  • LR3-CBW-1
  • LR4-CBW-2
  • LR5-CBW-3
  • LR6-Suara Pemanggil & Pemikat Walet
  • LR7-Suara Walet Bersarang
  • LR8-Suara Luar Anak

DL1-Super Baby
DL2-Baby King
DL3-Suara Anak & Induk Mengeram
DL4-Suara Walet Menginap
DL5-Super Inap
DL6-Koloni E
DL7-NT Dalam

TR1-SP Pooling
TR2-NT Pooling
TR3-BC Pooling
SOS-Location Testing Sound

KL1-Koleksi Inap-3 internl sounds
KL3-Koleksi AA-5 external & 1 Internal
KL4-Sound Library 20 external & 10 Internal
KL5-Oldies External - 9 sounds
KL6-Oldies Internal - 8 sounds
KL7-Koleksi GW-3 external sounds


F2-CTS Tweeter KSN-1141 3" x 7"

F5-Audax AX60 3"x 3" China

F6-Audax AX61 3"x3" China

F9-Audax AX65 3"x4" China

F14-Piro PR89 Tweeter 3"x5.5"

F14A-Piro PR88 Tweeter 3" x 5.5"

F14B-Piro PR85 Tweeter 4" x 4"

F24A-Tecnik Tweeter Double Horn -4"x6.5"

F25-Fujibin Tweeter FB-PT33-3"x3"
F26-Fujibin Tweeter FB-PT25-2"x5"
F27-Fujibin Tweeter FB-PT44-4"x4"
F38B-Walet Sound SB120M
With fine copper coil and capacitor.

F38B1-Walet Sound SB140M 3" x 3"

F38B2-Walet Sound SB307M 3" x 7"

Uses same quality buzzer as original Indonesia Audax

Size : 2" x 5". Top quality internal tweeter.

F38D-Walet Internal Tweeter 2" x 5"
Good quality tweeter with thicker metal connector.Packed in 250 pcs per carton.

F38E-Walet Internal Tweeter 3" x 3"
Packed in 200 pcs per carton

F38F-Walet AX33-3" x 3" Water Resistant Piezo Tweeter
Uses same quality buzzer as original Audax.Clear sound.

F38G-Walet Sound MQ-25
Motorola Quality.Copper coil tweeter.Water resistant with Mylar cone.Capacitor and wire included.

F38H-Walet Sound MQ-33
Motorola Quality.Copper coil tweeter.Water resistant with Mylar cone.Capacitor and wire included.

F38J-Walet Sound MQ-37
Motorola Quality with copper coil.Water resistant with Mylar cone.Capacitor and wire included.

F39-Walet Horn Tweeter HP1000-3"x3"

F40-Walet Horn Tweeter HP2000 Round

F41-Walet Horn Tweeter HP3000 Hi Top

F42-Walet Horn Tweeter HP4000-3"x7"

F43-Walet Horn Tweeter HP5000-2"x4"
Suitable for external sound

F43A-Walet Horn Tweeter Bazooka HP6000
Range 500m

F46-Walet Sound Water Resistant Coiled Tweeter
with Guard-3"x3"

F49-Meiyan 4 Corners Internal Tweeter

F51-Meiyan Octagon Internal Tweeter

G1-Meiyan Stainless Steel 4 Corner Tweeter Frame

G1A-Meiyan Stainless Steel Octagon Tweeter Frame

G3-Horn Tweeter Replacement Coil
Suitable for all models of horn tweeters

G6-Meiyan S/Steel Bracket Adjustable

G9-Meiyan Steel Bracket Side Way

G8-Meiyan Steel Pole Extenable 6ft

Long Range Callers

H4-Meiyan The Zooka with Horn Tweeter

H6-Meiyan Mini Zooka with Horn Tweeter

H7-Meiyan Piro Tembak Bazooka SLR1000

H8-Piro SLR900 4" x 10"

H9-Piro Tembak Bazooka SLR800

H9A-Piro Bazzoka Replacement Diaphragm
Suits SLR800,SLR900 and SLR1000

Hexagon Callers

H11-Meiyan Hexagon 2"x5" Coiled Tweeter

H11A-Meiyan Hexagon 2" x 5" Walet X61SS Tweeter

H12-Meiyan Hexagon Water Resistant Coiled Tweeter 2"x5"

H12B-Meiyan Hexagon with 3" x 3" Coiled Tweeter
Water Resistant

H14-Meiyan Hexagon Tweeter 45dg Face Up

H16-Meiyan Hexagon with Horn Tweeter HP5000

H18-Meiyan Triangle with 8 x PZ-12 Tweeter

H19-Meiyan Combo Hex HP5000 and Hex 45dg Face Up


Guide Light

T40-Nest Tech Swiftlet Guide Light

T41-Meiyan Swiftlet Guide Light
For multiple floors



Mandarin Books





English Books

A16-Guide book to breeding swiftlets


A21-Swiftlets of Borneo
Lim Chan Koon
Earl of Cranbrook


Bahasa Books










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